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any other Mexican insurance provider.

When purchasing Mexican car insurance policies from Avocado, you will be able to select from all of the available coverage options that you’d expect from US policies, including liability, medical payments and comprehensive and collision. At Avocado, we work to maximize the peace of mind of our customers, so they can spend less time worrying and more time making the best of their stay in Mexico. To do this, we’ve done everything possible to ensure we offer the best coverage and most exclusive advantages to the farsighted adventurer who knows the best way to travel is risk-free.
  • Car Rental
  • Hotel Stays
  • Roadside
  • Hospital Visits
  • Legal Defense
  • Flights Home

Protection for you and for your vehicles

Get the very best in Mexican Insurance

We understand that traditional Mexican auto insurance policies don’t always fit the needs of Expats and visitors, so we specialize in
providing policies that conform to American standards to make your stay as safe and secure as possible.

Why Avocado?

Because we provide superior coverage and protection, more people prefer Avocado than other mexican insurance company, large and small. Use us on your next trip to Mexico! Viaje Seguro!

Our Plans

Comprehensive and Collision Liability Only Standard Mexican Insurance
Broad Liability (like US policies)
Passenger liability
Sufficient liability limits to meet Mexican legal requirements Sometimes
Medical Payments
US-like comprehensive & collision
Total theft
Partial theft and vandalism Sometimes
Low, fixed deductibles N/A Sometimes
Repairs in the USA Sometimes
Emergency coverage in Mexico Limited
Flights home Sometimes
Accidental death benefits
Policy extension in case of an emergency
Ability to cancel and receive refunds Unusual
Ability to modify policies and replace vehicles
Covers drivers with Mexican licenses
Coverage anywhere in Mexico Sometimes

See what our clients think about us

Avocado saved my trip!

I broke my arm in an auto accident while driving in Mexico. Avocado insurance was able to help me get medical attention, back to the states, and get my car repairs sorted out!
Kit N. Los Angeles

It’s nice to feel like someone’s got my back!

I travel regularly to Mexico for my business. Going back and forth so much, I needed to be protected. I feel much better about being my trips being covered with Avocado.
Adam D. San Diego

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